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Timeline COPYRIGHT Diana Gabaldon and Barbara Schnell
1906 Frank Randall is born
1692 Brian Fraser is born
1695 Ellen Caitriona Fraser is born
1702 Lallybroch is built
November 11: World War I ends with the armistice of Compiègne. 1918 October 20: Claire Elizabeth Beauchamp is born.
1721 May 1: James Alexander Malcolm MacKenzie Fraser is born.
1923 Claire’s parents die in a car crash.
George II becomes King of  England. 1727 Jamie’s brother, Willie, dies of the smallpox.
Claire spends her childhood and adolescence traveling with her uncle Lambert, an archaeologist.
1729 Lord John Grey is born.

Ellen Fraser dies giving birth to her fourth child.

1735 Jamie spends a few months fostering with Dougal MacKenzie’s family as a fourteen-year-old.
1739 Jamie in Paris 1937 Claire marries Frank Randall.
November: Looking for „Jeremiah“ MacKenzie, Roger and William Buccleigh MacKenzie end up in the time where Roger’s father Jerry MacKenzie is as well. They meet not only him but also Brian Fraser (Jamie‘s father), Dougal MacKenzie and Jack Randall. Written in My Own Heart’s Blood September 1: World War II begins with the German attack on Poland. 1939 Claire becomes a field nurse. Frank works for the British secret service.
1741 March: Jamie meets Captain Jack Randall for the first time. Brian Fraser suffers a stroke in Fort William and dies a short time later. Jamie flees to France and spends some time as a mercenary.

Jamie’s sister, Jenny, marries Ian Murray.

Outlander, The Exile,


1941 Roger MacKenzie is born. His father Jeremiah goes MIA. A Leaf on the Wind of All Hallows
James Fraser Murray is born.
1743 May 2: Claire wakes up in the stone circle on Craigh na Dun.

Jamie returns to Scotland. In early May, he meets Claire, whom he marries a few weeks later. In October, she is accused of witchcraft; Jamie saves her and takes her home to Lallybroch. Later that winter, he is betrayed and delivered to Jack Randall. Claire saves him from Wentworth Prison, and they flee to France.

Outlander, The Exile March 3: The crush at London’s Bethnal Green tube station. 1943 Roger’s parents die in the war; he is adopted by Reverend Wakefield in Inverness. Outlander, The Fiery Cross, A Leaf on the Wind of All Hallows
1744 January: William Buccleigh MacKenzie is born.

In Paris, Claire and Jamie attempt to conspire against Charles Stuart, the „Bonnie Prince“, hoping to prevent the Jacobite Rising of 1745/46 and its bloody end. In the course of his hunt for information, Jamie meets a young English bookseller/spy named Minnie Rennie.

In May, Claire and Jamie lose their daughter, Faith, who is stillborn.

Thinking that they have nipped the Rising in the bud, they return home to Scotland in the Fall.

Dragonfly in Amber, Voyager,

A Fugitive Green

1745 On January 3, Lord John Grey‘s brother, Harold Melton, marries Minnie Rennie in Amsterdam.

In late summer, Jamie receives a letter from Charles Stuart, who officially claims the throne – and who has signed Jamie’s name as one of his supporters. Now Jamie has no other choice but to fight for Charles Stuart and try to help him win.

A Fugitive Green,

Dragonfly in Amber

May 8: The German capitulation ends WWII in Europe.

September 2: The Japanese capitulate after the nuclear bomb attacks on Hiroshima and Nagasaki. World War II is over.

August: Charles Stuart sets foot on Scottish soil, first on Eriskay and then at Glenfinnan.
September 17: The Jacobites take Edinburgh.
September 21: Jacobite victory over the Crown’s troops under General John Cope at Prestonpans. On the eve of the Battle of Prestonpans, Jamie gains important information from a young English scout named John William Grey, later also known as Lord John Grey.
December: The Jacobites take Derby, a mere hundred miles from the gates of London, but then they retreat north.
January 17: Last Jacobite victory at Falkirk. 1746 March: Mary Hawkins marries Jack Randall. 1946 May 2, the day after the Beltane feast: Claire, who is spending her second honeymoon with Frank in the Scottish Highlands, steps into a split menhir in a circle of stones on the hill Craigh na Dun near Inverness … and disappears. Outlander
April 16: The Crown’s troops under William of Cumberland win the Rising’s last battle on the moor of Culloden near Inverness. After the bloodbath of Culloden they proceed with an ethnic cleansing of the Highlands. April 16: Since Claire is pregnant and Jamie fervently wishes the child to survive, he sends her back through the stones and into the future. Badly wounded, he survives the Battle of Culloden and returns home to Lallybroch.
During the first seven years after the battle, Jamie lives hidden in a cave on his own land. Voyager, An Echo in the Bone, The Scottish Prisoner 1948 Mid-April: Claire reappears in Inverness under mysterious circumstances. She is two months pregnant. Voyager
1752 November: Ian Fraser Murray is born. Voyager November: Brianna Ellen Randall is born.
1753 Jamie comes to Ardsmuir as a prisoner.
1755 John Grey becomes governor of Ardsmuir.
The Seven Years‘ War begins. 1756 Ardsmuir prison is closed; the prisoners are deported to the New World. Thanks to John Grey, Jamie can continue his sentence as a paroled prisoner at Helwater in the Lake District.
Lord John returns to London, where he gets involved with the mysterious goings-on at the Hellfire Club. Hellfire
1757 In London, an unknown woman in a green velvet dress is killed. Lord John helps to find the murderer. Lord John and the Private Matter 1957 Claire starts medical school in Boston. Voyager
November 5: The Battle of Roßbach Lord John spends some time as a military liaison in Germany. He uncovers an act of French sabotage and thus helps the Prussians win the Battle of Roßbach. Lord John and the Succubus
June 23: The Battle of Crefeld 1758 January: William “Willie“ Clarence Henry George Ransom, the Ninth Earl of Ellesmere, is born. Voyager, Lord John and the Brotherhood of the Blade
Investigating the explosion of a cannon during the Battle of Crefeld, Lord John is confronted with the fact that his own ranks are no strangers to sabotage, either. Lord John and the Haunted Soldier
September 13: Battle on the Plains of Abraham 1759 Serving under General Simon Fraser, Lord John participates in the Battle of Quebec. The Custom of the Army
October 25: King George II of England dies. His grandson succeeds him to the throne as George III. 1760 With the help of Jamie Fraser, who still lives at Helwater, Lord John prevents another Jacobite rising. The Scottish Prisoner
1761 Lord John helps to resolve a slave revolt on Jamaica. Lord John and the Plague of Zombies
1762 Lord John takes a hand in the siege of Havana, Cuba. Besieged
1764 Jamie receives his parole. He leaves Helwater and goes home to Lallybroch. Voyager
July 10: William Tryon becomes governor of North Carolina 1765 January: Jamie marries Laoghaire, but a short time later he moves to Edinburgh and opens a print shop. The Beatles release „Yesterday“. 1965
1766 November 1: Claire arrives in the stone circle on Craigh na Dun.

After a twenty-year separation, Claire and Jamie are reunited in Edinburgh.

November 1: Richard Donner arrives in the stone circle on Ocracoke.

Voyager, A Breath of Snow and Ashes 1966 January: Frank Randall dies in a car crash. Voyager
1767 John Grey becomes governor of Jamaica Voyager
April: After an eventful sea voyage, Claire and Jamie are swept ashore in Georgia by a storm. They are in America.
August: Jamie and Claire lay the foundations for their settlement on Fraser’s Ridge. Drums of Autumn
1968 Together with her adolescent daughter Brianna, Claire travels to Inverness in order to investigate the fates of a few survivors of Culloden. With the help of young historian Roger Wakefield / MacKenzie she finds out that Jamie survived the battle, too. Dragonfly in Amber
May 1: Gillian Edgars / Geillis Duncan travels to the past through the stones of Craigh na Dun to fight for the Stuart cause. She lands ca. 1733, about ten years earlier than intended. On the same night, her co-conspirator Kenneth follows her, but he ends up in 1743 – a few hours before Claire. Dragonfly in Amber, The Exile
November 1: Claire steps through the split stone of Craigh na Dun to find Jamie. She travels back to the year 1766. Voyager
November 1: A group of five activists (a.k.a. the Montauk Five) travels to the past through the stone circle on Ocracoke, meaning to prevent the genocide of the Native Americans. One of them, Richard Donner, ends up in 1766; his companion Jojo dies in the passage; a third man, Robert Springer (Otter Tooth), travels too far by decades. Drums of Autumn, A Breath od Snow and Ashes, Written in My Own Heart‘s Blood
1769 Brianna and Roger arrive at Craigh na Dun on May 1/on the day of the summer solstice respectively. They travel to the New World on different ships. In early September, they meet in Wilmington, where they are “handfast“. A few days later, Brianna is raped by Stephen Bonnet. July 20: The first Moon landing. 1969
1770 February: Young Ian is adopted by the Kahnyen’kehaka.
May: Jeremiah Alexander Ian Fraser MacKenzie is born. 1971 May 1: Brianna, who has found an antique newspaper clipping reporting the death of her parents in the eighteenth century, travels to the past to warn Claire and Jamie. She arrives in 1769 (Craigh na Dun). Drums of Autumn
Late October: Brianna and Roger marry during a Gathering on Mount Helicon. The Fiery Cross Summer solstice: Roger, who has found the clipping as well, follows Brianna to the year 1769 (Craigh na Dun).
1771 March: Jocasta Cameron and Duncan Innes are married.
May 16: Battle of Alamance

August 12: Josiah Martin takes office as governor of North Carolina.

During the Battle of Alamance, Roger is hanged as a rebel. He barely escapes alive.
1772 October: Ian returns from the Mohawk to Fraser’s Ridge.
Jamie takes side with the American rebels. Roger and Brianna decide to stay in the past.
 December 16: Boston Tea Party 1773 Marauders and outlaws disturb the life in the Colonies. The old order is disintegrating. A Breath of Snow and Ashes
The rebels begin to communicate through Correspondence Committees. 1774
First Continental Congress  meets in Philadelphia.
April 18: Paul Revere’s ride 1775 Lord John finds Jamie’s name on the list of a Committee of Correspondence. In March, he warns him in a letter not to put himself and his family in danger. The lines of the coming confrontation begin to be drawn.
May: Second Continental Congress
July: Rebel forces under John Ashe set fire to Fort Johnston. Gouvernor Josiah Martin flees. Malva Christie, Claire’s medical assistant, who became pregnant through incest, creates deadly unrest in Fraser’s Ridge.

Accused of murdering Malva, Claire becomes a prisoner of Governor Josiah Martin and witnesses the burning of Fort Johnston.

February 27: Battle of Moore’s Creek Bridge 1776 January 21: The house on Fraser’s Ridge does not burn down as printed in the Wilmington Gazette.
April: Amanda Claire Hope MacKenzie is born.
July 4: Declaration of Independence July: In Wilmington,  Brianna and her family meet William Ransom, not knowing that he is Jamie’s son and Brianna’s half brother.
September 22: William witnesses the execution of Nathan Hale.
November 1: Brianna, Roger, Jemmy and Amanda use the stone circle on Ocracoke to return to the future – only there can Amanda’s congenital heart defect be healed.
December 21: The house on Fraser’s Ridge burns down on the „wrong“ date. January 21 was a typing error in the Wilmington Gazette.
1777 January 1: Mrs. Bug dies

As the snow melts, Jamie and Claire leave Fraser’s Ridge for New Bern in order to find a ship for the passage to Scotland. Jamie wants to get his printing press from Edinburgh – the pen, not the sword is his weapon of choice in the coming conflict.

An Echo in the Bone The first Star Wars movie opens in U.S. theaters. 1977
July 5: Battle of Ticonderoga But their ship is captured, and they end up in Fort Ticonderoga and are overrun by the battle as the Brits start their offensive from the north.
Jamie and Claire meet Benedict Arnold.
September 19 and October 7: Battle(s) of Saratoga Jamie is injured during the Battle of Saratoga, and Claire has to amputate his finger. In the field camp, Young Ian has an eye-opening encounter with the young Quaker Rachel Hunter. Jamie and Claire are asked to take General Simon Fraser’s body home to Scotland.
December 20: In Edinburgh, Jamie finds his printing press, which Andrew Bell has kept for him for the past eleven years.
1778 In the first week of January, they bury General Simon Fraser at Corrymony. Then they head for Lallybroch, where they find Jenny‘s husband, Ian, dying of consumption. 1978 November 1: Brianna’s family lands on Ocracoke. A Breath of Snow and Ashes
A letter begs Claire to come back to Philadelphia, and she leaves Jamie and Jenny at Lallybroch. In March, Ian dies. Jenny decides to travel with Jamie to the Colonies.
Michael Murray and Jamie’s stepdaughter Joan take a rather unexpected glimpse at the Paris underworld. The Space Between
Family ties overcome military loyalties: William enters General Washington’s camp at Valley Forge in order to find help for his badly-wounded step-cousin. An Echo in the Bone
The ship that was supposed to carry Jamie to America sinks. Lord John persuades Claire to marry him so that he can protect her.
May: While the Loyalist troops prepare their departure from Philadelphia, Young Ian and his sworn enemy Arch Bug meet again under dramatic circumstances … as do (on June 18)  Claire and Jamie, and William and Jamie, who can no longer hide the fact that he looks just like his son.

A. Bell, Printer, Edinburgh, publishes „Pocket Principles of Health“ by C.E.B.R. Fraser, M.D..

A. Bell, Printer, Edinburgh, publishes „Grandfather Tales“ by James Alexander Malcolm MacKenzie Fraser.

June 28: Battle of Monmouth June 28: Jamie fights together with Generals Washington, Lafayette and Lee in the Battle of Monmouth. When Claire is shot, Jamie resigns from the Continental Army, and the family returns to Philadelphia. Written in My Own Heart’s Blood
Ian and Rachel, and Denzell Hunter and Dorothea Grey celebrate a very moving double wedding.
September 15: Ian’s wolfhound Rollo dies
September 18: Fergus and Marsali’s son Henri-Christian dies when a fire breaks out in the print shop. The family decides to go home to Fraser’s Ridge. The Frasers spend the winter in Savannah, where the British army catches up with them and they meet William again under highly dramatic circumstances.
1779 In the spring, the Frasers return home to Fraser’s Ridge, together with Jamie’s sister Jenny, with their new charge, Fanny, and with Fergus‘ older son Germain. Jamie resumes his position as the head of the settlement, and they start building a new house. On a trip to Beardley’s trading post, Claire encounters a man who kidnapped and raped her years ago and whom she presumed to be dead. Ian and Rachel celebrate the birth of a healthy baby son. A short time later, Claire and Jamie see a dark-haired man and a red-haired woman coming up the hill together with their two children … Written in My Own Heart’s Blood 1979 With the help of Claire’s old friend Joe Abernathy, Brianna, Roger and the kids find their footing in the „present“. Eventually they buy Jamie’s old family estate in Scotland, Lallybroch, and settle down there.
1980 Midsummer: William Buccleigh MacKenzie steps out of the stones on Craigh na Dun.

In September, Roger and Brianna find a box that has been deposited for their son Jemmy. It contains letters from Jamie and Claire, allowing their children to keep taking part in their lives in the past. A vagabond who has been scaring the kids, turns out to be a visitor from the past: William Buccleigh MacKenzie, Geillis Duncan’s son and Roger’s grandfather five times removed, has traveled haplessly to the future. It’s someone else who really threatens the family, though: Rob Cameron, a Scottish fanatic, kidnaps Jemmy in order to get to the treasure he’s been reading about in Claire and Jamie’s letters. Assuming that Rob has taken Jemmy to the past, Roger and Buck hasten back through the stones on Craigh na Dun on All Hallows‘ Eve.

An Echo in the Bone, A Leaf on the Wind of All Hallows, Written in My Own Heart’s Blood
Following Jemmy’s rescue and a dramatic showdown with Rob Cameron and his cronies, Brianna and the kids flee to the U.S. and to Claire’s best friend Joe Abernathy. Soon, though, Brianna decides that the safest place for the kids is the past. On the winter solstice she follows Roger into the eighteenth century.
1782 Midsummer: William Buccleigh MacKenzie, son of the witch Geillis Duncan, ambles into the stone circle on Craigh na Dun … and disappears. An Echo in the Bone
1841 Dr. Hector MacEwen from Edinburgh disappears without a trace during a hunting trip in the Highlands … Written in My Own Heart’s Blood